cardinal up CAMPAIGN





Increasing st. Michael Indian school's student enrollment

saint Katherine Drexel founded st. Michael Indian school (SMIS)–located on the Navajo reservation near window rock, az–in 1902, making the catholic school historically significant, but one of just a few resources for quality education in the region. 

The school approached us with a simple questions: “How could we attract more students, build our brand, and communicate that tuition assistance is widely available?” The school was also planning an upcoming open enrollment day in just a few weeks and wanted marketing planning, support, and an appropriate budget to advertise that event. 

‘Cardinal Up’ Campaign

after conducting a focus group on campus, we found that the school enjoyed a solid reputation for being a college-prep institution with recent success in athletics–with the girls basketball team winning back-to-back state championships; along with the girls volleyball team winning a state championship in 2017. focus group participants also widely agreed that smis was the best kept secret in the area–and parents would send their children to the school if they knew about its academic and athletic offerings.

Therefore, we suggested the school implement a campaign titled ‘cardinal up’–which conveys a sense of moving up in educational quality with st. michael indian school. 

Due to the school’s limited budget, we built a microsite in just under a day that provides brand support and information for the school’s open enrollment day, which we termed as ‘cardinal enrollment’. this also enabled the school to link its social and digital media advertising to a clean, memorable site that supports the school’s branding effort and drives registrations to the event. 

in its first day live, had over 270 unique visits–and the school saw five online applications and an additional 4 walk-in student registrations. 


“Working with red collar has been a satisfying experience. Within a tight deadline, they created a dynamic adversiting campaign--digital, social, and print--that attracted thousands of views, resulting in a large number of inquiries and walk-ins for our 'Cardinal Up' student enrollment event. Building school spirit is also essential for our upcoming school year and many of our parents are proud of the presentation of our students and school displayed in the recent advertising Red Collar created for us."
Renee Tsinnie
st. Michael indian school