Let us create an integrated marketing & communications plan for you that aligns with your annual sales and revenue goals, increases market share, and builds your brand. Our plans are custom built for your company or organization with proven strategies and tactics that will set you apart from your competition. 

Red Collar Marketing Planning + Strategy


Our approach provides you with a holistic and comprehensive marketing program that establishes synergistic effort in these areas:


Developing an integrated marketing plan is a lengthy process, but it gets–and keeps–you organized throughout the year with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-oriented (SMART) goals, strategies, and tactics that will help you achieve your revenue or fundraising objectives for the year. While we prefer to write these plans before the end of the fourth quarter, we can adjust the plan and calendar at any point during the year. 

Our marketing plans often include the following sections:

Background & Client Analysis: We examine your current market position, look into your recent history, and provide an overview of your current marketing efforts as a point for comparison as we dive into new marketing efforts for your organization. We also conduct a focus group to gather brand impressions and test your current advertising and collateral–and work with you to develop a SWOT analysis that will inform other sections within the plan. Your target markets and key audiences are also defined in this section.

Brand Analysis: Similar to the analysis provided in the background section, we further explore your current brand position and personality through your current marketing collateral and brand assets. This helps us establish a clear before-and-after picture of your current marketing efforts versus what will be proposed in the plan. 

Creative Groundwork: After mapping out your brand’s rational and emotional factors, we develop an integrated communications strategy statement that serves as guide for your advertising and branding efforts outlined within the plan. We also include a creative brief that outlines: 1) Why you’re advertising; 2) To whom you’re talking to; 3) What does your audience currently think; 4) What is the single-most persuasive idea you can convey; 5) What do you want your audience to think; 6) Why they should believe it; and 7) What are the creative and media guidelines for your advertising and marketing efforts for the year.

Objectives, Strategy, & Tactics: We construct your SMART objectives, strategies, and tactics that the plan will accomplish, which essentially are the heart and soul of your marketing plan. Objectives establish what you will accomplish. Your strategies will summarize how you will go about accomplishing your objectives. And, your tactics will list out the to-do items that will support each objective. 

Internal Communications Plan: We believe that effective marketing and brand building begins with internal stakeholders, so we establish methods within the plan to gather ongoing internal buy-in from your employees, board, and executive team. 

Marketing Calendar: Each tactic within the plan will be scheduled on a weekly, monthly, and annual calendar to organize your efforts and provide a clear timeline for completion of all tasks outlined in the plan. We believe this keeps everyone organized and accountable for completing the plan. 

Marketing Budget: For us, our most important piece of the plan is to allocate appropriate levels to support each component of your plan. Here, we work with you and your management team to establish an annual budget that supports your advertising, digital and Web, public relations, sponsorships, sales, and event marketing efforts established within the plan. 

Evaluation: What did each component of the plan accomplish–and how did it get accomplished? We want your plan to make you money, cover your marketing expenses, and excite your team to build similar plans in future years. In this final section of your plan, we outline measurement tools to evaluate each tactic within your plan, so that success is clearly documents and adjustments are made to efforts as the plan is executed throughout the year. 


Rely on us to build your 2020 marketing plan, including your public relations, crisis communications, and social media efforts. Our plans are comprehensive, but they are also relevant, actionable, and effective for your organization.                            Contact us today for an evaluation of your marketing efforts for 2020.


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