a colorado springs tradition

client: Central Bancorp

location: colorado springs, colorado

services: event marketing

Blues, Brews & Boar

the traditional corporate christmas party was losing steam, and so it was time to re-think the purpose and format for the annual gathering of clients and prospects at the small community bank in downtown Colorado Springs. It was early 2012, and the Colorado Springs community (home to the u.s. olympic committee) was getting ready to hold a downtown celebration to usher in the london olympics just a block away from the bank. 

thinking a low-key, yet stylish summer party might revive the bank’s annual client gathering, lee planned and organized “keg party usa” to be held that year in the bank’s lobby–along with live music, a fish fry, and wine & spirits. For perhaps the first time, there was a corporate party in Colorado Springs, where folks can wear jeans, be laid back, and enjoy a fun environment. 

The positive feedback was enormous, with many attendees appreciating the timing of the year, the laid-back nature of the event, and how it was beneficial to network in a fun atmosphere. lee decided to create a brand for the event, calling it ‘Blues, brews & boar’–intending for it to be an annual pig roast with live music and great beer (and spirits) to be held at the bank. 

In its fifth year, blues, Brews & Boar sees over 225 attendees and realizes acquisition among the bank’s prospective clients while providing appreciation for current clients. 

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